Affordable Dental Restorations at Oklahoma City

Dentures are the Affordable Restorative Solution

Losing a tooth, or multiple teeth, can hurt more than a patient’s smile, it can hurt self-esteem, the health of the mouth, and overall wellbeing. It doesn’t matter if the tooth was lost because of poor dental cleaning habits that led to gum disease and tooth decay or if loss was due to a trauma, such as an accident or fall. Regardless of how the loss happened, finding an affordable solution to restore the smile is crucial.

Replacing a missing tooth not only improves the appearance of a smile by filling in the gap, it also gives support to the face. If you’ve lost a tooth recently, you’re probably hearing about options such as bridges, crows, implants, and dentures.

When cost is a concern, patients often turn to dentures because they are usually the less expensive option. Patients considering dentures have several choices. Depending on whether they have to replace one, a few, or a complete set of teeth, patients can choose between partial or full dentures.

It’s important to note that dentures have come a long way since the type you may remember your grandparents having. Now, dentures are created to look so natural that no one will know that they’re looking at replacement teeth when you smile. Along with the dentures looking much like your natural teeth, they are also comfortable and they will allow you to eat and speak without issue.

You may have some awkwardness in the first several weeks after receiving your dentures. You will need to get used to having the dentures in your mouth and your facial muscles will need to learn how to work with the appliance. Rest assured that the awkward feeling will disappear quickly and you will be left with a gorgeous smile.

Dr. Kevin Rykard knows that the appearance of your smile is important, not only to how you look, but also to how you feel. He helps patients in Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas get the smile they want with the budget and timeline they have available. If you’re considering dentures, or any kind of tooth replacement treatment, call Dr. Rykard today to schedule a consultation.