Beautiful and Healthy Teeth in Oklahoma City

Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry was once considered a privilege of the rich and famous. Through the years materials, techniques, and technology have improved dramatically, making smile enhancement affordable and widely available. Your smile is precious, and you surely want nothing but the best in cosmetic treatment. However, everywhere you read and everyone you ask will have a slightly different view on what is “best.”

Dr. Kevin Rykard believes that the best solution to any dental concern is a personalized treatment, tailored to your individual needs. A smile makeover is a combination of various procedures, techniques, and materials to correct all of your esthetic concerns.

Design Process used by Cosmetic Dentist

When you consider cosmetic dentistry, you probably think about various procedures. Many people give little thought to the design process, though it is one of the most important steps. The principles of smile design can be divided into four categories:

  • Facial esthetics – Muscular considerations and facial features are analyzed through visual evaluation, photographs, or both. The way that your lips frame your teeth when you speak or smile is especially important.
  • Gingival esthetics – The gingival (gum) tissue plays a more important role in the appearance of your smile than you may realize. Too much tissue can give you a gummy smile, while too little tissue can make your teeth appear too long. Similarly, an uneven gumline creates an uneven smile.
  • Microesthetics – The small details are important, in a big way. The shape of teeth, rounding of corners, smoothing of edges, and minor variations in color are among the factors that make your smile uniquely yours.
  • Macroesthetics – The analysis of proportions and relationships between visible teeth, surrounding tissues, and facial features is required to achieve a natural looking smile. The same size and shape of teeth may appear small on one person, and large on another.

Smile design involves many complex rules and scientific principles in combination with natural artistic talent. If you are looking for a smile that truly dazzles, find out for yourself why people in Oklahoma City, Yukon, and other area communities trust their smiles to Dr. Kevin Rykard. Call (405) 896-6919 and set up an appointment today.