Combine Dentures in Edmond

Choosing Stable Dentures in Oklahoma City

Many denture wearers have a somewhat love-hate relationship with their dental appliances. On the positive side, a traditional denture is a vast improvement over having no teeth. It allows you to eat, speak, and smile. Due to advances in dental materials and fabrication techniques, a denture can look as natural as your own smile. However, traditional dentures, especially lowers, are known for being difficult to stabilize.

If you wear dentures, you are surely all-too-familiar with the everyday challenges, such as food restrictions, uncomfortable slipping, fear of embarrassing moments, and using messy adhesives. Poorly fitting appliances can diminish your quality of life, and affect your health. Difficulty chewing leads many people to avoid healthy, but hard to eat, foods such as nuts, raw vegetables, and whole grains. They can also irritate the soft tissues in your mouth, sometimes leading to denture sores.

There are three potential solutions for sloppy, uncomfortable dentures:

  • Relining – If you were happy with your denture when it was new, a reline may be all that is needed. As gum and bone tissue recede, the contours of your mouth change. New impressions can be taken, and a new layer of base material added to the inside of your current denture, allowing it to fit like a glove once again.
  • Replacement – If your denture never fit well, or you are unhappy with its appearance, replacement may be the best option. We take great care in attaining accurate impressions and designing our appliances. A properly designed upper denture will often remain stable and comfortable without the use of adhesives. Lower dentures are more difficult to stabilize, but a good fit will certainly help.
  • Dental implants – For many patients, the best solution is denture stabilization with dental implants. This option allows you to eat what you wish, and eliminates the discomfort of loose dentures – with no adhesives. It also helps preserve the integrity of your jawbone. If you like your current denture, we may be able to retrofit it with specially designed housings that snap over implants. A brand new denture can also be created if you prefer.

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