Dental Crown Procedure in Edmond

Dental Crown Procedure

When a tooth has suffered significant damage from an untreated cavity or as the result of a trauma, a dental crown can be the only way to preserve and restore the natural tooth. They are also used to strengthen and protect a tooth that has received root canal therapy. The procedure is very simple and Dr. Rykard can complete it in one office visit.

What is a Dental crown?

They are often called a cap, and this is a very good description. A dental crown is shaped like a hollow tooth. It is placed over the damaged tooth protecting it from further damage and restoring the aesthetics of the tooth as well as its functionality. When the procedure is complete, the restoration looks natural and the treated tooth is as strong as it was prior to being damaged.

The Dental CEREC Crown Procedure

After your tooth and surrounding tissue have been numbed with a local anesthetic, Dr. Rykard will begin by removing the damaged structure. Next, he will reshape the tooth to accommodate the dental crown. This involves taking a little bit of the surface off of all sides of the tooth.

Most dentists would have to take impressions of both arches of teeth, these would be sent to a dental lab, for them to create the final restoration, a process that normally takes two or three weeks. Meanwhile their patient has to wear a temporary crown and return for a second appointment once the lab completes the permanent dental crown. Dr. Rykard uses CEREC to create crowns for his patients. CEREC does not require impressions; this system instead uses digital images, also referred to as optical impressions. This optical impression will be used to custom mill (fabricate) the dental crown. The completed restoration will be the appropriate size, shape, and color to blend in the rest of your teeth. No one will be able to tell that you have a dental crown even if it is on a front tooth.

Edmond residents, if you have a tooth that needs a crown and would like to complete the procedure in one appointment call Dr. Rykard’s office at (405) 896-6919 and schedule your appointment.