Dental Restorations Oklahoma City

Restorative Dentistry in Oklahoma City

Restoration of missing teeth has been a part of dentistry for centuries. In recent history, the denture appliance has improved a great deal, allowing men and women to replace teeth in a way that looks more natural than ever. Although dentures have improved as dental restorations, they still have a number of drawbacks that our Oklahoma City patients may wish to avoid.

The denture dilemma

Conventional denture appliances are designed to sit on top of the gums, remaining in place with suction. In theory, this sounds good, and has been the most viable solution for many years. Impressions for dentures are made with great care, and measurements obtained to create the best fit possible. In fact, many people find that upper dentures fit quite nicely through traditional means. Problems with lower dentures, however, persist.

A lower denture is shaped like a horseshoe and is much smaller than the upper denture appliance. This is because room must be allowed for the tongue. The size of the denture appliance often means that stability is lacking.

Solving common problems with denture support

Dr. Rykard is an experienced dentist who strives to create the best possible restorations for his patients. For denture support, he may recommend stabilization with dental implants. Implants are very small posts made of titanium, which are strategically placed within healthy jawbone tissue. These posts are about the same size as natural teeth roots. With just a few implants, the bottom, or top, denture can become very stable, increasing both comfort and functionality.

Many patients seeking tooth replacement with dentures enhance their whole experience with mini dental implants. This form of dental restoration can be truly life changing. Mini implants are designed after conventional implants, but are smaller so to fit perfectly in the smaller structure of the lower jaw. Exceptional for denture stabilization, mini plants offer advantages such as:

  • Procedure is quick, minimally invasive, and comfortable.
  • Mini implants are suited to areas of lower bone density, which is experienced by many people who have had dentures for some time.
  • Mini implants may be more affordable than larger, conventional implants. In many situations, dentures may be placed over implants the same day, getting you back to your normal function and confidence level right away.

Tooth loss does not have to steal your confidence. Contact our office at (405) 896-6919 to learn about our implant supported dentures.