High Quality Invisible Braces in Yukon

High Quality Invisible Braces in Oklahoma City

Invisalign Treatment

Dr. Kevin Rykard, DDS, near Yukon, loves it when patients visit his practice and desire a transformed smile. While some patients may be dealing with broken teeth or stained enamel, others want to improve the alignment of their smiles. Patients in Yukon such as these may benefit from high quality invisible braces.

Dr. Kevin Rykard, DDS offers his patients two primary ways to realign their teeth. The first is high-speed braces. These braces are used to address one or more teeth near the front of the mouth that result in a poor aesthetic appearance. These braces use special brackets and wires to align teeth within approximately six months. This is a wonderful way to achieve fast, effective results for cosmetic concerns. The best candidates for this treatment are those with mild misalignment of the teeth at the front of the mouth.

Patients with moderate misalignment or those who need to correct their bite may benefit from Invisalign, another orthodontic service offered by Dr. Kevin Rykard, DDS. Using clear plastic aligner trays, patients can slowly move their teeth within the dental arch over the course of several months. These trays are custom-made for patients, and are extremely discreet. Most individuals who comply with treatment will be able to enjoy their new smile in less than one year!

To determine which form of orthodontics is right for patients, Dr. Kevin Rykard, DDS requires them to visit for a consultation. This includes an examination and x-rays to find out if high-speed braces or Invisalign are best for a specific dental concern. Patients can ask Dr. Kevin Rykard, DDS any questions they may have about either of the treatments to understand the benefits of each.

If you live in the Yukon area and you are considering a family dentist who offers high-speed braces and Invisalign treatments, contact Dr. Kevin Rykard, DDS today to schedule a consultation appointment. We are happy to see new and existing patients in our office, and welcome everyone, of every age, to our state-of-the-art facility!