Invisalign best alternative to metal Braces Edmond

Metal Braces Alternative

Providing Invisalign Clear Braces in Oklahoma City

You want beautiful, straight teeth but you don’t want to endure the embarrassment of wearing metal braces. It has been a common dilemma since the inception of orthodontics. In the past, few adults were willing to wear braces, and even many teens objected. Fortunately, modern technology and innovation has changed that. Invisalign has revolutionized orthodontics by giving adults and teens a comfortable, discreet alternative to metal braces. Dr. Kevin Rykard is proud to offer this exceptional treatment to residents of Oklahoma City and surrounding communities such as Edmund, and Yukon.

Thanks to complex, sophisticated technology, the Invisalign process is surprisingly simple for you, the patient. We begin with a consultation and an oral evaluation. Dr. Rykard will discuss your options, and determine if you are a potential Invisalign candidate. However, this treatment is not based on a visual examination alone. Images, impressions, and other pertinent records are sent to the Invisalign facility, where they are converted to three-dimensional images. The software creates a realistic preview of the results for a no-surprises treatment.

Invisalign can correct most bite problems and cosmetic issues including:

  • Overbite – Also called overjet or buckteeth, this is characterized by upper teeth protruding past the lowers.
  • Underbite – This is the opposite of overbite; the lower teeth protrude past the uppers.
  • Crossbite – The upper teeth on one side of the mouth rest inside of the lowers.
  • Midline shift – The center point between the upper front teeth, and the center point between the lower front teeth, do not line up.
  • Crowding – Some teeth are too close together, often due to a small jaw.
  • Spacing – There are wide spaces between the teeth.
  • Crooked teeth – Some or all teeth may be rotated, leaning, or otherwise misaligned.

Dr. Rykard and his team believe that you deserve the best dental solutions, and the best personalized care available, so that is what we strive to provide. If you have resigned yourself to a life of crooked teeth, or a couple of years in metal braces, let us offer you a better option. Call us at (405) 896-6919 and schedule a consultation to find out if Invisalign clear orthodontics is right for you.