Mini Dental Implants in Oklahoma City

Mini Dental Implant Benefits

Have you been told you’re not a candidate for dental implants? While some patients may not be medically eligible for traditional dental implants, just about anyone can benefit from new mini dental implants. Mini dental implants are the less invasive alternative to full-sized dental implants. Mini dental implants usually don’t require any incision into the gums, and often can be placed in under two hours. Oklahoma City mini dental implants also cost significantly less than their full-sized counterparts. The mini dental implants process eliminates the need for prolonged recovery periods, and your new dentures or dental crown restoration can typically be placed immediately. With new Oklahoma City mini dental implants, Dr. Rykard can completely transform your smile in just one office visit.

What Are Mini Dental Implants?

Just like standard sized dental implants, mini dental implants are made of small biocompatible titanium screws. However, these smaller diameter implants do not require as much bone density to be placed.

How Are Mini Dental Implants Placed?

The mini dental implant process is short and simple. After a local anesthetic is applied, your mini dental implant is secured to the jaw bone by placing a pin hole in the bone and inserting the dental implant gently by hand. Next, your denture(s) or dental crown(s) can be fitted to restore the functioning of your natural tooth or teeth. After your Oklahoma City mini dental implants restoration, there will be no need for messy denture adhesives, and you can still remove your dentures for hygiene. In fact, you can care for your new mini dental implants just like your natural teeth.

What’s the Difference between Dental Implants and Mini Dental Implants?

There are five main differences between mini dental implants and full sized dental implants:

  • Mini implants are about half the width of their full sized counterparts
  • The mini dental implant is not fully submerged during the procedure
  • Should implant failure occur, grafting is not necessary
  • Mini dental implants cost less
  • Mini dental implants are solid though they do not contain a screw

Oklahoma City Mini Dental Implants Appointments

Unfortunately, in the past, dental implants weren’t available to the patients who needed them the most. Today however, almost anyone can get a high quality, durable restoration with new mini dental implants. Mini dental implants are about half the diameter of regular dental implants, and they can usually be inserted right through the gum line into the bone. For your quick and easy smile transformation, make an appointment with Dr. Rykard and his highly qualified Oklahoma City mini dental implants team today.