Oral Health Regimen Oklahoma City

Maintaining a Good Oral Health Regimen

Preventive Dentistry

Maintaining your overall dental health through a good oral health regimen is crucial to the health of your teeth, gums, and bones. Good oral health begins at home. This includes regular brushing, flossing, and rinsing of your teeth. Although brushing after each meal is best, it is not always possible. Brushing at least twice per day is recommended to remove food particles to prevent plaque from building up on your teeth. By preventing plaque buildup, tooth decay is held off as well, meaning your mouth is clean and healthy which prevents or holds off future dental problems.

Dr. Kevin Rykard and his staff are committed to providing patients with information on maintaining a good oral health regimen. Positive habits at home are just part of this mission. Any good oral health regimen also includes biannual dental exams. At these exams, Dr. Rykard examines the teeth for problems. The teeth are also professionally cleaned to help remove any plaque and tartar. If necessary, x-rays and oral cancer screenings may also be performed at your dental appointments. Keeping your regular appointments is important. During these visits, the dentist is able to discover and discuss any problems that may have come up and can address them quickly and efficiently.

A proper oral health regimen helps to prevent periodontal disease and problems from occurring. Periodontal disease can appear at any time. This may lead to bone, gum, and tissue problems. More severe cases may lead to permanent tooth loss. If you are faced with the results of severe periodontal disease, you could be dealing with extensive and expensive dental work in the future. Dr. Rykard seeks to educate patients on proper oral health habits in order to avoid periodontal disease and other dental health issues.

Good at home dental care and regular dental visits are crucial to any oral health regimen. Patients who follow both rules have healthier mouths, teeth, gums, and bones. If or when problems do come up, they can be caught and addressed early. Contact Dr. Kevin Rykard today to get on the right track for preventive dental treatments. The office number is (405) 896-6919.