Pain Free Root Canal Treatment Oklahoma City

Comfortable and Effective Endodontic Therapy

Root canal treatment, also called endodontic therapy, is a common dental procedure in which infected or damaged soft tissue (dental pulp) is removed from within a tooth. It is used to relieve pain, stop abscesses, and restore the health of a tooth that would otherwise require extraction. Despite the obvious benefits, it is one of the most feared procedures in dentistry.

The Truth of Endodontics

Myths about root canal treatment abound. You have probably heard that it is painful, the healing time is extensive, the problem returns after treatment, or that extraction is a better option. These misconceptions were born in the early days of dentistry, when all medical practice was rather primitive and risky. Since the advent of anesthesia, effective antibiotics, and modern dental technology, root canal treatment has become comfortable and effective. According to the American Association of Endodontists, the majority of people who believe that root canal therapy is painful have never actually had the procedure done.

Before beginning treatment, Dr. Kevin Rykard will use local anesthesia to numb the area completely, and effectively prevent pain. Most patients report a painless sensation of pressure, or feeling nothing at all during the procedure. In fact, the most common complaint about modern root canal treatment is that it’s boring! However, we understand that dentistry triggers anxiety for many people, and some simply don’t want to endure the tedium of a lengthy appointment. Therefore, we offer oral conscious sedation, which allows you to relax throughout your visit, and makes hours pass like minutes.

Ending the dental pain

In truth, modern root canal treatment is not the cause of pain. It is the end of pain. The dental pulp, which is contained in the canal, is composed of several types of soft tissue, including nerves. Oral injury can damage the nerve, and infection creates pressure inside of the tooth, irritating the nerve. The result may range from unusually high sensitivity to chronic, debilitating toothaches. The problem will not resolve itself; it will become more and more painful until the dental pulp is removed.

It is true that extraction will end the pain, because it removes the pulp, and everything else. However, that is an extreme measure to take if the tooth is savable. We want to help you keep your natural teeth healthy, beautiful, and intact for life.

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