Periodontal Disease Treatment in Edmond

Periodontal Disease Treatment in Oklahoma City

Gum disease, periodontal disease, periodontitis, and gingivitis are all terms you have likely heard when discussing the health of your gums, but they can be confusing. Gum disease and periodontal disease are both names used to describe an infection that results in inflammation of the gum tissue, a condition that affects nearly 80 percent of adults in America. Gingivitis is the first stage of gum disease, and the only one that can be completely reversed. Periodontitis refers to the advanced stages of gum disease, which can be controlled but not reversed. Periodontitis can cause damage to the gum tissue and bone, and eventually, result in tooth loss.


Symptoms – Gum tissue that is, swollen, tender, or inflamed are all indications of gingivitis, as is bleeding when brushing your teeth.

Treatment – A thorough cleaning above and below the gum line to remove all plaque and tartar are an important part of treating gingivitis. Dr. Rykard may recommend more frequent dental exams and cleanings. He may also suggest some changes to your oral hygiene regimen.

With treatment, gingivitis can be reversed, preventing permanent damage. When Gingivitis is not treated it can progress and become Periodontitis. Once periodontitis develops, irreversible damage has occurred. It can be controlled and the progression stopped, making prompt treatment crucial.


Symptoms – The symptoms of periodontitis include all of those for gingivitis plus receding gum tissue, bad breath, and a foul taste in your mouth. As periodontitis progresses to the more advanced stages and damage the bone tissue, you will begin to experience:

  • Space between teeth
  • Misalignment of your bite
  • Pockets of pus around your teeth
  • Loose teeth

Treatment – How periodontitis is treated depends on how far it has advanced. When it is treated before it progresses to the advanced stages, typically it can be controlled with scaling, and root planing. Scaling is used to remove the bacteria and tartar from your teeth below the gum line and root planing is used to smooth the surface of the root to minimize tartar build up.

The treatment of advanced periodontitis is based on the extent of the damage that has been done to the gum and bone tissue. The treatment plan may include a procedure to reduce the size of the pocket around the tooth that can trap food particles and plaque. Patients can count on Dr. Rykard to recommend the most conservative option when creating a treatment plan.

Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss, if it is detected and treated early, permanent damage can be avoided or minimized. If you have noticed any symptoms that may indicate that you have gum disease, call Dr. Rykard’s office at (405) 896-6919 and schedule an appointment today. Without treatment, it will only get worse. Edmond residents are happy to make the short drive to benefit from Dr. Rykard’s high tech office.