Preparation for a Crown at Oklahoma City

Dental Crown Preparation Information

Crowns are very common dental restorations, but do not be fooled into thinking that they are all the same. Dr. Kevin Rykard’s attention to detail, dental expertise, artistic talent, and advanced technology result in dental crowns of uncommonly exceptional quality. The procedure is far more comfortable and convenient than you might imagine, with a fantastic result.

You probably know people who have dental crowns, and perhaps you already have one or several in your mouth. If you are familiar with the traditional procedure for placing crowns, you know that the process takes several weeks, during which time you need to wear a temporary restoration. However, today’s progressive dental offices utilize CAD/CAM technology to improve and streamline the procedure.

In our dental office, crowns are usually completed in a single day, with just a few simple steps:

  • Evaluation – Dr. Rykard begins be examining the tooth or teeth in question, and explaining all available options.
  • Preparation – If you do need a dental crown, the next step is trimming the tooth and shaping it for optimal retention.
  • Impressions – The traditional goopy trays are replaced with a digital impression system, which is as comfortable as having pictures taken.
  • Design – The digital images are transferred to our computer, where Dr. Rykard uses specialized software to design your new crown with exacting detail.
  • Milling – Once your crown is designed, the data is sent to our in-office milling machine. The restoration is sculpted from a solid block of high-strength dental porcelain.
  • Finishing – Due to the precision accuracy of digital imaging and milling, CEREC crowns are exceptionally trouble-free. However, Dr. Rykard takes great care to ensure that the fit, color, bite alignment, and other details are just right, making any adjustment necessary before completing the process.
  • Placement – The final step is cementing your new crown in place. With good hygiene and regular visits to our office, your restored smile should remain healthy and beautiful for a great many years to come.

Have you been telling yourself that you just don’t have time to get that bad tooth fixed? Visit Dr. Rykard and discover a different kind of dentistry, where smiles are stunning and treatment is convenient. We are located in Oklahoma City, proudly serving residents of Edmund, Yukon, and other area communities. Call us at (405) 896-6919 and schedule a consultation today.