Root Canal Therapy Oklahoma City

Root Canal Therapy Information for Patients

Root canals, the phrase makes some patients apprehensive. However, have you ever really learned about root canals? What they are, how they are performed, and how little discomfort there is? Many of us shrink back in fear of a root canal without ever knowing what is actually involved in the procedure. If you live in Oklahoma City, look no further. Dr. Kevin Rykard performs root canal therapy and can answer your questions regarding the procedure, how and why it is done, and he explains what your options may be.

A root canal is needed when the tooth’s pulp chamber, which is centrally located in the tooth and contains nerves, becomes inflamed, damaged, or dies. This could be caused by tooth decay or trauma or injury sustained by the tooth. During a root canal, tissue from the middle of the tooth is removed. The tooth is then sealed to keep it from becoming infected. Dr. Rykard often protects the tooth by placing a dental crown over it to keep it strong since the natural tooth will be more brittle following a root canal procedure.

Dr. Rykard himself has undergone root canal therapy so he is sensitive to your concerns. Damage to the tooth’s pulp chamber will cause pain for the patient. A root canal is necessary to stop that pain and any further damage. If a root canal is not performed, the tooth remains unsealed and open to infection meaning the patient will remain in pain. During the procedure, the mouth is numbed to keep the patient comfortable. Over-the-counter pain relievers may be used following the procedure to manage any discomfort the patient may have.

Oklahoma City residents should contact Dr. Kevin Rykard and address your dental needs today. If a root canal is in your future, rest assured that Dr. Rykard will work with you every step of the way to maintain your comfort and the health of your mouth. Schedule your appointment today. The office number is (405) 896-6919.