Root Canal Treatments in Oklahoma City

Root Canal Treatment in Oklahoma City

Although it may be hard to believe, root canal treatments in Oklahoma City are actually commonplace for Dr. Rykard. Root canals can address many situations, including infection, deep cavities, and abscesses. They are preferred over the alternative option of extracting a tooth, and enable patients to keep their natural tooth while addressing a problem in the dental pulp.

The dental pulp is the innermost tissue of a tooth. The outer part of the tooth, called the enamel, encases the dental pulp, which contains tissue, blood vessels, and nerves. This is what keeps the tooth alive. When an issue such as a deep cavity, infection, or abscess affects the dental pulp, it can cause extreme pain for a patient. The only ways to stop this pain is to complete root canal therapy or to extract the tooth. Saving the tooth, if possible, is always the first course of action for Dr. Rykard, as it is less costly and allows the patient the ability to maintain their natural tooth.

Once Dr. Rykard has examined the tooth and determined that a root canal is necessary, he will then explain the procedure itself. Root canal therapy starts with the numbing of the tooth, and then Dr. Rykard will begin by drilling a hole into the inside of the tooth. Once he has reached the area with the dental pulp, he will remove it with precise instruments. The area of the tooth will be cleaned and disinfected, and then filled with the same substance used to fill cavities. The tooth will then be essentially “dead,” but will remain in place in the mouth. If the tooth that is undergoing the root canal is further back in the mouth, frequently Dr. Rykard will protect it by placing a dental crown over it. Dental crowns, made of porcelain, can keep a weakened tooth, such as one that has undergone a root canal, from experiencing any further damage or problems. The patient may experience some soreness for 24 hours after the procedure, but will otherwise be relieved of the original discomfort.

Root canals are simple procedures that Dr. Rykard has completed several thousand times for patients, and he knows exactly what to do in order to relieve the patient of pain and address the problem at the source. If you are experiencing problems that lead you to believe you may benefit from root canal therapy, call Dr. Rykard today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how this procedure can assist you.