Invisalign® in Oklahoma City, OK

These days, there are numerous alternatives to traditional orthodontics. The days of unattractive metal wires and brackets are long gone for many patients since the introduction of the state-of-the-art system called Invisalign®.

Enjoy a Much More Seamless Treatment Choice At Last

Invisalign® is a perfect alternative to metal braces, and also a great option for those who formerly undergone orthodontic treatment and have had teeth move since their treatment. By using clear plastic aligner trays, patients can quickly and easily change their overall smile without hiding their beautiful teeth behind wires and brackets. Invisalign® allows patients the opportunity to straighten and align their teeth while still showing off a white, brilliant smile throughout their treatment.

How Does Invisalign Work?

The first Invisalign® appointment requires dental impressions of a patient’s teeth. These impressions are scanned and then digitally made into three dimensional computer designs that allow both Dr. Kevin Rykard and the patient to view the expected results. Once dentist and patient have verified that Invisalign® is addressing the issues and providing the results the patient desires, Dr. Rykard will then order the trays.

The trays are worn for approximately two weeks at a time, and they are changed out over the course of treatment in order to slowly adjust the teeth. Dr. Kevin Rykard will schedule recall appointments approximately every six to eight weeks in order to monitor improvements. The patient is required to wear the Invisalign® aligners around 22 hours a day, except when eating, and should thoroughly clean and care for both their teeth and trays during their treatment. Typical treatment times vary depending upon the adjustments needed, but most patients can experience results in six to twelve months.

Enjoy A Greater Sense of Self-Confidence

The biggest benefit about Invisalign® is that patients can go through treatment without feeling unattractive or self-conscious about the way they look. Invisalign® trays are thin, comfortable, and practically unnoticeable. Both teenagers and adults can enjoy these benefits, regardless of their past with traditional orthodontic treatments. As an added benefit, patients can also whiten their teeth while using the trays. Dr. Rykard can provide whitening product to allow you to whiten and straighten simultaneously.

Dr. Rykard has been offering Invisalign® treatments for several years and has a number of satisfied patients who are delighted with their new, straighter smiles. Call Dr. Rykard today at (405) 308-4354 to talk with him about the opportunity of a lifetime to change your smile without the embarrassment of metal brackets and wires hiding your smile. A simple consultation appointment can get you on the way to having a gorgeous smile you can be proud of!

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