Types of Dental Implants Oklahoma City OK

Dental Implant Options in Oklahoma City

Dental implants are amazing restorations that can help many patients who are dealing with missing natural teeth. Whether they are looking to restore their smile or need help securing full dentures into place, dental implants may be the key.

Types of Dental Implants

There are two different types of dental implants. Oklahoma City OK dentist, Dr. Kevin Rykard, offers both traditional dental implants as well as the less common mini dental implants.

Traditional Dental Implants

Many patients are able to use traditional dental implants for restoring their smile after tooth loss. Traditional dental implants are surgically placed into the jawbone and are then restored with a dental crown on top. This dental crown is made to match the patient’s existing teeth in order to look completely natural and blend in with the rest of their smile. Patients with sufficient bone structure will be able to use traditional dental implants.

Mini Dental Implants

For patients who do not have sufficient bone structure for traditional dental implants, mini dental implants may work. Mini dental implants are also used to help retain full dentures. They are shorter and smaller, and are typically constructed in a way to make it easier for them to be placed in areas with less bone growth. Patients who have been missing their teeth for quite some time may experience bone loss and may benefit from the use of mini dental implants.

Both types of dental implants are made with titanium, and can help stimulate bone growth after placement. They are both strong, permanent restorations that offer a number of amazing benefits to the patients. They are extremely successful and are an amazing advancement in dental technologies that patients today can enjoy!

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Dr. Kevin Rykard is happy to offer these types of dental implants. Oklahoma City, OK residents can visit his practice to learn more about the benefits of each. With a simple consultation appointment, patients can discuss their dental concerns with Dr. Kevin Rykard and get a better understanding of the restorations available to them. He can provide the information patients need to make an educated decision regarding their cosmetic dentistry.