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Don’t Hide Your Smile – Remake It!

We highlight the visual appeal in ALL our work because we appreciate that when your smile looks good, you feel good! We choose the right blend of preventive care, tooth-colored fillings, and restorative techniques for achieving your ideal level of dental health. Modern smile makeovers are so simple to obtain (and affordable!) that there’s just no reason you can’t have the impeccably stunning, natural-looking smile you’ve always craved. Ask us what veneers, bonding, and whitening can do for YOUR smile!

‘Smile Makeovers’ in as Little as Two Visits!

If you have crooked or misshapen teeth, spaces, or deep discoloration, our porcelain veneers may be the remedy. Veneers are thin porcelain coverings that slip over and are connected to your teeth. They appear natural, being created from the most innovative dental ceramic available. We also feature Lumineers™. These are contact-lens thin and tremendously translucent. Since Lumineers are so finely made, little to no tooth reduction is necessary. Frequently, you won’t even require a shot!

Dr. Rykard is an independent reseller and is not affiliated with or sponsored by Den-Mat Holdings/LUMINEERS.

Cosmetic Imaging

Wouldn’t you like to see your new smile in advance? Now you can! Cosmetic imaging permits us to show you what can be corrected with your teeth and smile before you even begin treatment. Computer-generated pictures of your teeth and gums can be shaped, replaced, added to, or lightened, producing the outcome of your new smile. You’ll be thrilled and ready to meet your treatment goals!

A Crown Restores a Damaged Tooth

Over time teeth can become worn down, or a trauma may result in a broken tooth. In these cases, a simple filling may not be sufficient to restore your tooth to full functionality. When this happens, a crown may be the perfect solution for refurbishing your tooth. A crown will save and even add strength to the damaged tooth. Dr. Rykard uses the best-quality materials available. When he’s done, it will appear so natural, you won’t be able to distinguish it from a real tooth. Check out our CEREC™ page for information on crowns made while you wait!

Teeth Whitening – Dazzling Results in Just One Visit!

Teeth Whitening Dentist Oklahoma City OKThe only way to make sure you get your teeth their whitest is by employing professional-strength whitening. You may have seen ZOOM!™ Advanced Power Whitening on television. Now, in our office, you can have radiantly white teeth, without blemishes or darkness, in a single visit. The results can last for years! In addition, Dr. Rykard offers custom whitening trays, prepared in our own lab. After your initial visit, you will receive supplies and instructions, allowing you to complete the procedure at home. This method is both safe and effective. Results appear within 1 - 14 days.

An Affordable Alternative for Multiple Missing Teeth

When you have multiple missing teeth, a bridge may be an appropriate solution. Custom created from the same high-quality materials as the crowns that create the anchor points, a bridge fills the gap for a return to function and comfort, as well as a complete smile.

Beautiful Smiles Made Easy with Snap-On Smile™!

Many patients desire a cosmetic makeover, but want options other than veneers or other structural procedures. Dr. Rykard is excited to extend such an option with Snap-On Smile. Here’s a way to achieve a very nice smile at a very affordable price. With Snap-On Smile, there is no tooth preparation needed, no bonding agents, and best of all, no drilling or shots. The device just fits over your existing teeth. It’s simple to remove and can even be worn while eating. Snap-On Smile can last for years, but is affordable enough to be a temporary solution. Our patients tell us that they are captivated by the natural look and feel of Snap-On Smile. We think you will be too!

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